September / October 2019 EM 5
Country profile: Albania, Denmark
Events: Seafood Expo Russia, International Carp Conference, International Arctic Forum
Aquaculture: Increasing demand for fish welfare
Fisheries: Reconciling fisheries management and conservation with MPAs, Unique co-management system contributes to
preserving small-scale fishery communities
Guest pages: Dr Bernardo Basurco, The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza - Education and training for sustainable fisheries



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Expanding international markets for Turkish farmed fish

As one of the services to its member countries, Eurofish International Organisation facilitates the participation of delegations at trade fairs around Europe, hosting them at EUROFISH Business Platform. The Global Seafood Forum and Seafood Expo held in St. Petersburg, Russia on 10-12 July 2019 and organized by Expo Solutions Group together with Roscongress is a good opportunity to bring a delegation of officials and traders from Turkey to Russia to give the participants an possibility both to explore the Russian seafood market and to introduce their products and services.

Meet the delegation from Turkey at EUROFISH Business Platform, Seafood Expo Russia, Stand C-15

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Wednesday, 27 February 2019 12:50

Russia's main industry event welcomes you

EM2 19 News Int IMG 0447Seafood Expo Russia 2019 has started to register visitors. Russia's main industry exhibition will take place from 10 July to 12 July 2019 along with the Global Fishery Forum at the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Center in St. Petersburg. This year, the event is dedicated to Fisherman's Day, the professional industry holiday, which is traditionally celebrated in Russia on the second weekend of July. More than 250 companies from 25 countries will participate in the main industry event presenting not only a wide range of fish and seafood, but also equipment and technology including packaging solutions for fishing, aquaculture, and fish processing. In addition, the event will address the shipping industry with companies demonstrating equipment and navigation systems for vessels, shipbuilding and ship repair services, as well as cargo shipping and storage, and financial and insurance facilities.

Registration for Seafood Expo Russia 2019 is free. Visitors can exchange their e-tickets for a badge at check-in desks on any day of the exhibition. An interesting business program is planned for the exhibition and will be finalized shortly. In 2018, the exhibition was visited by more than seven thousand people from 30 regions of Russia and 50 countries. Most of the visitors were professionals from the fishing and related industries, ship owners, traders, representatives of retail companies and restaurant businesses. More than 70% of the visitors came to the exhibition to learn more about fish, seafood, fishing equipment and processing technology. A smaller percentage was represented by those interested in shipbuilding, ship repair, ship equipment, cargo transportation, storage, packing, feeds and equipment designed for aquaculture. 

In 2019, the total number of visitors is expected to increase by at least 20%, to nine thousand people. To date, more than half of the exhibition space has already been pre-booked. The III Global Fishery Forum's business programme is devoted to the development of fishing in the ocean, the challenges associated with the management of economic and environmental risks and ways to solve social problems faced by the fishing industry. The main theme is “Ocean of Opportunities: Nature, Economy, Man.” The organiser of Seafood Expo Russia is the Expo Solutions Group.

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This article featured in Eurofish Magazine 6 2018.

EM6 18 AQ Global Fishery Forum 2018St. Petersburg, the “Venice of the North”, hosted the second edition of the Global Fishery Forum and Seafood Expo Russia on 13-15 September 2018. The event centered on what to expect from the global fisheries industry and markets in the coming decades.
The forum brought together more than 1 100 business leaders, members of international food and fisheries organizations, specialized ministries, international seafood companies and fisheries representatives from 42 countries, including Canada, China, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Norway, and Turkey.


Asia strongly represented at aquaculture session

The session “Aquaculture production and development forecast by 2050” focused on the discussions of the state of the global aquaculture sector, its future growth, and environmental control and safety. Moderated by Ekaterina Tribilustova, Eurofish International Organisation, the session hosted experts from specialized agencies, ministries, sectorial organisations and unions from 8 countries, including the Federal Agency for Fisheries of Russia, the Union of Sturgeon Breeders of Russia, China’s Union of Seafood Processing Enterprises, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey, the Ministry of Agricultural Development of Islamic Republic of Iran and Shilat Organization for Fisheries and Fish Farming of Iran, and the National Institute of Research and Development of fisheries sector in the Republic of Korea.
At present, the aquaculture industry produces over 45% of fish and seafood products consumed globally, while the share of fish products is 53%, according to the FAO. At the same time, the global population has never consumed as much fish as now. Since 1961, the growth rates of fish consumption in the world have been two times higher than the population growth, while the production growth rates have been declining. It is expected that even growing at a slower rate the aquaculture sector can eliminate the gap between growing demand and declining resources playing a major role in providing the world population with the proteins they need. The aquaculture sector in particular has an especially important role in improving food nutrition and fighting hunger.

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