Monday, 12 August 2019 09:03

Denmark: The future of whitefish processing

Surviving in a competitive marketplace is increasingly dependent on the effective implementation of information technology for process control and automation.  Technology in this sector is evolving rapidly, especially with the recent proliferation of virtual reality. Fortunately, on 25 September, Marel, a supplier of integrated systems and machines for the meat, fish and poultry industries will host the Whitefish Showhow in Progress Point, Copenhagen addressing these themes. The conference will showcase the latest high-tech processing solutions for fish products. Demonstrations of Marel equipment and software will run all day. In addition to live demonstrations, visitors will also be able to experience cutting-edge innovation and technology via virtual reality. The upcoming event is Marel’s fifth edition of the Whitefish Showhow.


In the age of industry 4.0, Marel believes the importance of having a hi-tech processing environment, and they will attempt to show this through their own software platform, Innova Food Processing Software, which will feature prominently at the event. The software provides full traceability throughout the production process. The package includes real-time monitoring of key performance indicators like yield, and throughput quality, which is essentially for optimization and efficiency of the workplace.  Attendance to the Whitefish Showhow is open to the public and registration can be completed on Marel’s website