Friday, 09 August 2019 08:53

Hungary to build large indoor fish farm

Hungary has revealed plans to build a new carbon-neutral greenhouse-filled farming city that will be powered by renewable energy sources. The farming city will include one of Europe’s largest indoor fish farming facilities. The €1 billion agricultural center will adjoin the border between Hungary, Austria and Slovakia. It will cover 330 hectares – equivalent to 500 football pitches.


Hungary's minister of agriculture István Nagy said the development would herald an "epoch change for agriculture". German developers FAKT and energy providers EON are collaborating with the Hungarian government on the project. The new center will be home to a complex of greenhouses for the year-round cultivation of herbs and vegetables such as aubergines and tomatoes. It will also be the location of Europe's largest onshore fish farm, as well as the requisite cold storage and logistics facilities. The settlement will be carbon neutral, meaning that the carbon dioxide produced in its construction and over its lifetime will be offset or eliminated entirely.