Monday, 06 May 2019 13:39

UK: Seaweed pouches replaced plastic bottles at marathon race

EM3 19 News Int OohoAt this year’s London Marathon, runners were given small edible seaweed pods filled with sports drink. The use of seaweed pouches helped reduce more than 20% of plastic bottles used at the event. London Marathon organizers replaced 200 000 plastic bottles with these innovative seaweed pouches. The seaweed bags, produced by Skipping Rocks Lab, can be chewed to release the contained liquid and consumed entirely, or if preferred, the seaweed film can be discarded where it will break down naturally in 4-6 weeks.

Skipping Rocks Lab creates the pouches, which they have named Ooho from harvested brown seaweed. In its production, the colour, taste, and odour are removed to to leave a thin, clear edible skin that will hold the liquid. The brown seaweed grows up to 1 meter per day and requires no fresh water or fertilizer. The company plans to expand its product offerings to shopping nets, heat sealable films, and small packets for non-food products.