Tuesday, 20 November 2018 09:45

Norway: Salmon exports continue to grow.

During the month of October, Norwegian aquaculture companies exported 104 000 tonnes of salmon with a worth of 6 5 billion NOK (€680 million). Compared to the previous October, there has been a volume increase of 8 % and a value increase of 15 % or 827 million NOK. There were a number of reasons for this record-breaking October according to seafood analyst Paul T. Aandahl, Sales in September were somewhat poor, but have been improving sharply, off the back of two countries Poland and the Netherlands recording volume growth of 43% and 29% respectively. This data gives an indication of a positive consumer trend in other markets, like Germany.

Latest total predictions indicate that Norway is well on its way to sell over million tonnes of salmon this year, currently 862 000 tonnes have been sold. Salmon wasn’t the only Norwegian export to receive positives values for the month of October. Farmed trout exports increased last month, with sales totaling 4 700 tonnes and worth 293 million NOK, 24% and 21% increase respectively on October 2017. Although it was positive news for Norwegian aquaculture companies during the month of October, a decision to focus on building biomass combined with an outbreak of disease resulted in a low harvest volume for Norway Royal Salmon in the third quarter. As a result profits slumped in the third quarter. However, the company expects to increase harvest volumes by 11% to 40,000 tonnes in 2019.