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Poland: Carp 2020 Roadmap
Friday, 28 June 2013 13:27

A group of experts has developed Carp Strategy 2020. The strategy not only deeply analyses the situation of carp management in Poland but also assesses the direction of its development towards 2020. According to the document from 18 June 2013, the main purposes for the carp aquaculture in Poland are: maintaining the current carp production (at 60 000 ha with a production of 17 000 tonnes), increasing the profitability of fish farms ( by minimum 10%), and increasing the environmental and social functions of carp management. The Polish production of nearly 17 000 tonnes is almost entirely sold within Poland. Over 80% of the carp is consumed during the Christmas Eve supper. The carp breeders face a difficult market situation where competition from other species of fish is growing.

Source: Fish Industry Magazine,