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Poland: Consumption of salmonids increase
Wednesday, 21 August 2013 09:56

According to the data from  Institute of Agriculture and Food Economy in Warsaw, general fish consumption in Poland decreased by 4% to 11.8 kg in 2012 in live weight equivalent, compared to 2011. The consumption decrease is connected with lower consumer interest  for frozen pollock and pangasius fillets. At the same time statistics show a significant increase in consumption of salmon imported from Norway as well as locally farmed trout. According to Kristin Pettersen, the Director of Polish Market in Norwegian Seafood Council, household consumption of fresh and smoked salmon increased by 152% in 2012, reaching approximately 14 000 tonnes. Key drivers for this increase are availability (sale of fresh salmon has been made available in over 2700 discount supermarkets all over the country), as well as promotion and visibility. In 2013 the salmon consumption has noted a decrease due to high prices. The consumption of trout is also developing positively increasing in households by over 20% in 2012 (according to GfK Polonia data). The increase of interest in trout is a result of a better availability in supermarkets and also the results of a 4-year promotional campaign by theTrout Breeders Association with a yearly budget of about 0.5 m euro, funded by the EFF.

Source: Fish Industry Magazine,