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Belgium: Javier Ojeda is appointed President of the Advisory Committee on Fishery and Aquaculture (ACFA)
Tuesday, 26 June 2012 00:00

JavierOjedaThe presence of APROMAR on the Advisory Committee for Fisheries and Aquaculture (ACFA) of the European Commission (EC) has been strengthened with the appointment of its director, Javier Ojeda, as President of the Working Group (WG) on aquaculture. The Advisory Committee for Fisheries and Aquaculture is the permanent forum of the European Commission for dialogue with the industry. ACFA has regular meetings in Brussels, at the Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG-Mare) of the EC.

At the meeting of the WG on aquaculture held on June 13, Mr. Javier Ojeda was appointed President, after having been Vice President for the last two years. ACFA has 21 members representing the aquaculture, fishery, processing, distribution and trade sectors. Consumer groups and other organisations dealing with environmental protection and development are also represented. ACFA has four permanent WGs: fisheries resources, aquaculture, markets and trade, and general topics. Each of these WGs is chaired by a representative of the sector. The President of each WG, in addition to chairing the meetings, is also responsible for translating the findings of his group to the Bureau and then to the Plenary ACFA.

The participation of APROMAR in the European institutions enables its members to be updated on the most important forums for aquaculture that take place in Brussels. At present the major issues discussed are those relating to the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy including the upcoming European Fund for Fisheries and Maritime, as well as the Common Organisation of the Market. At ACFA meetings the European Commission reports its legislative intent, explains the development of its regulations and responds to the questions raised by the representatives of the industry. Gaining access to this information is another of the advantages of being a member of ACFA.