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Denmark: Marine conservation NGO calls for more MPAs in the Baltic
Tuesday, 28 June 2011 00:00

Oceana, an advocacy group working to protect the world’s oceans, launched in spring a two month expedition to study areas of special ecological interest in the Baltic, as well as to document marine biodiversity and the impact of human activity on sensitive Baltic habitats.

Researchers from the group will work together with governments and scientists from countries surrounding the Baltic. Photographic and video material from the expedition have shown the impact of overfishing, pollution, and destructive fishing practices on the environment in the Baltic, but also areas with healthy ecosystems and rich biodiversity suggesting what the sea has the potential to look like. Based on the evidence Oceana has called for an extension of the network of marine protected areas with the stricter implementation of laws and regulations designed to prevent illegal fishing and destructive fishing practices. The group also singled out subsidies to the fishing industry as one of the main culprits preventing the sustainable exploitation of the sea, and said they must be ended.