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EM-6-2016November / December 2016 EM 6
Country profile: Turkey and Norway
Fisheries: Recreational fishin in the Baltic States and Poland - A paradise for anglers
Fisheries: Fisheries of the United States 2015 - An eagle’s eye view of U.S. commercial fi sheries production
and trade.
Trade and Markets: Italian researchers test benefits of oxygen-free packaging techniques on board shrimp trawler - Towards crustaceans without chemicals
Events: Conxemar - Success highlights need for expansion

Previous issues:

EM-5-2016September / October 2016 EM 5
Country profile: Poland
Aquaculture: Opportunities and risk of land-based farming
Rapid and gentle freezing preserves product quality - Which freezing method is best?
Fisheries: The eel fishery in Denmark - Commercial eel fishers decline in number
Events: Rethinking the Mediterranean diet - From healthy dietary pattern to sustainable lifestyle
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July / August 2016 EM 4
EM-4-2016Country profile: Croatia and Lithuania
Northern Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) suffering under climate change - Catch has been declining for more than a decade
Evaluating offshore technology while farming Cobia
From fillet to supreme: Fish processing cuts - Lack of terminological standards complicate trade
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EM-3-2016May / June 2016 EM 3
Country profile: Latvia and Germany
SEG and SPG in Brussels: safe and better organized;
NASF/MSC Sustainability and Communication Seminar - Sustainability critical to consumers, apparently

Genetically Modified (GM) Salmon: Hope or threat? - Start of transgenic salmon production getting nearer
Machine solutions for sorting and grading - Higher profi ts through uniform products

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EM-2-2016March / April 2016 EM 2
Country profile: Italy and Serbia
Events: Fish International - Product quality and knowledge about the consumer come first
SEG preview
Salmon ShowHow
Aquaculture: Ethoxyquin in salmon are worrying consumers
Technology: Adding more value through intelligent portioning

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EM-1-2016January / February 2016 EM 1
Country profile: Ukraine
Environment: Last stop: the sea - Microplastics – a long underestimated problem
Aquaculture: Croatia’s National Strategic Aquaculture Plan, Investments in technology, knowledge transfer will help Romania meet its goals, The aquaculture sector in Lithuania, Poland seeks to maintain its position as a leading farmed fish producer in Europe
Research: The use of insects as an ingredient in fish feed - A possible way out of the fishmeal trap
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EM-6-2015November / December 2015 EM 6
Country profile: Romania
Fisheries: The melting Arctic ice is awakening economic ambitions - Bordering states agree to forgo fishing in the Arctic
Aquaculture: Oxygen reduces production risks and increases profitability - Aeration systems and pure oxygen in aquaculture
Events: Fish International - Spotlight on recirculation aquaculture
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September / October 2015 EM 5
Country profile: Albania and Turkey
Processing: Spices and herbs in fish processing - Door opener to the world's kitchens
Technology: Intelligent weighing technology can save time, money, and trouble
Projects: Adding value to crab by-catch
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July / August 2015 EM 4June July Cover small
Country profile: Lithuania and Finland
North Atlantic Seafood Forum, EAFE 2015, Aqua Nor 2015, First International Fisheries Stakeholders Forum, Aquaculture Europe 2015
Fisheries: Sport fishing as food and economic activity
Processing: Cold chains are fundamental to global seafood trade
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 May / June 2015 EM 3EM-3-2015
Country profile:
Norway and Russia

Seafood Expo Global review and North Atlantic Seafood Forum
Aquaculture: Geothermal energy use in aquaculture
Processing: Convenience food from carp may help reverse the decline of the carp farming sector
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EM-2-2015March / April 2015 EM 2
Country profile: Estonia
Events: Seafood Expo Global preview and Salmon Showhow
Aquaculture: The aquafeed industry seeks viable alternatives to fishmeal and fish oil
Trade and Markets: Seabass and seabream growth in Turkey - Turning production into profit
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EM-1-2015January / February 2015 EM 1
Country profile: Denmark as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina

Trade and Markets: Shrimp market report and fishmeal and fish oil market report
Aquaculture: Water discharge from aquaculture – Making good use of nutrients benefits the environment
Technology: Geospatial technology in the fi shing industry - Mapping hazards for greater safety
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Previous issues:

EM-6-2014November / December 2014 EM 6
Country profile: Italy

EU expands mandatory labelling - How much does the consumer need and want?
Aquaculture: Use of biofilters in aquaculture - Effective water treatment through microorganisms
Technology: Effective warehouse technology - Interaction of storage hardware and computer software
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September / October 2014 EM 5
Country profiles:

Superchilling offers several benefits - Fresh fish keeps up to two days longer
Trade and Markets: Western sanctions provoke Russian reaction - Ban on food imports from EU and other suppliers
Threat to the treasures of the seabed - Trawling: between polemics and provable facts
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July / August 2014 EM4
Country profiles: Spain and Iceland
Review of SEG in Brussels
Offshore aquaculture give possibilities and problems
Fisheries: Plastic containers for all puposes
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May / June 2014 EM3
Country profiles: Latvia and Morocco
Review of SEG in Brussels and Offshore Mariculture
The right to food, fish and omega-3’s - The nutritional benefits of fish are unique
Trade and Markets: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - What will the EU-US agreement mean for trade in seafood?
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March / April 2014 EM2Country profiles: Turkey and the Netherlands
Technology: Gentle smoking lessens the preservative effect but drastically reduces hazardous substances
Small group of Danish coastal fishers explores new sales concept - Reinventing the small scale fishery
Certification: Growth in farmed seafood production increases the need for responsible management - Aquaculture certification benefits entire production chain
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January / February 2014 EM1
Country profiles: Poland and Germany
Technology: Machinery for processing tiny fish
Fisheries: Fishermen get a stronger voice in fisheries-related decisions
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EM-6-2013November / December 2013 EM6
Country profiles: Poland, Armenia, and Serbia
Aquaculture: Fish tanks come in different shapes, sizes, and materials
Trade and Markets: Seafood imports are the backbone of the European market
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EM5September / October 2013 EM5
Country profiles: Denmark and Estonia
Aquaculture: Onshore, inshore, off shore: where does aquaculture belong?
Fisheries: Securing the future of fish stocks
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July/August 2013 EM4
Country profiles:
Aquaculture: Encouraging prospects for aquaculture in Russia
Trade and Markets: 
Tuna  - Tighter EU control of IUU fishing may affect shipments from Africa
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May/June 2013 EM3
Country profiles:
Aquaculture: Promising candidates for aquaculture
ESE in Brussels:
Review of the ESE
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March/April 2013 EM2
Country profiles:
Lithuania and the Netherlands
Aquaculture: Dry feed still not a substitute for Artemia and rotifers
Increasing the number of products enriched with omega-3s
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January/February 2013 EM1
Country profiles:
Italy and Germany
Technology: Packaging gets greener
Fisheries: The mackerel war continues
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November/December 2012 EM6
Country profiles: Croatia and Spain
DNA  in the fisheries industry
Pioneering American Experiment may hold lessons for European Fisheries - Stakeholder collaboration is key
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September/October 2012 EM5
Fishmeal with IFFO sustainability certificate
Country profiles:
Spain and Latin America
X-ray applications in the fish industry
Better inofrmation to make informed choices
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July/August 2012 EM4
Fighting salmon lice with "cleaner fish"
Country profiles:
Albania and Belarus
"Keep Cool" from the catch to the kitchen
Better inofrmation to make informed choices
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May/June 2012 EM3
Alimentaria and the European Seafood Exposition (ESE)
Country profiles: Denmark and Germany
Fisheries: New EU controled regulation helps enforce CFP
Aquaculture: Fish farming has a vital role to play in global food security
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March/April 2012 EM2
Eurofish Member Countries at the European Seafood Exposition
Country profiles: Latvia
Processing: Reliable, versatile, and inexpensive: Ice is the universal coolant in the fish industry
Events: North Atlantic Seafood Forum 2012, fish international 2012, FAO COFI
Technology: Filleting small fish with machines
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January/ February 2012 EM1
Country profiles:
Turkey and Armenia
Product labelling: Information, security, and an attractive apprearance
Waste water treatment
: Salmon ShowHow 2012, Agriprodmash, Alimentaria

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